Why Exercise Should Be Fun

  • It gives you the impetus to do something that you probably wanted to try out, and now you finally have an excuse to try it out. Eg. Tennis, volley ball, dancing, etc
  • It puts you in the mode of wanting to do the activity which you find fun and enjoyable. Therefore you do it more often.
  • When others see you enjoying yourself and losing weight, they ask questions and your single act of having fun in exercise may encourage others to be more active themselves.
  • Exercise on its own has been found to be a stress reducer, but when it is fun too, your heart is truly into it. This can be a true soul booster and you really feel the euphoria from the experience.
  • You look forward to something that you find enjoyable.
  • It is easier to solicit the involvement of family, friends etc. to become part of a fitness activity that is fun and enjoyable. Eg. Bicycling, playing basketball in the backyard with the kids, playing volleyball on the beach, going salsa dancing or taking a salsa class with the spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • It can open the door to like-minded people who help support you in your efforts to incorporate unconventional forms of exercise into your life.
  • Your exercise space is more likely to be in a ‘non-exercise’ environment such as your home, a dance studio, the beach, the park, your backyard etc. Therefore this removes the mindset of having to be in ‘exercise-mode’ as you would be in a gym for example; plus you are surrounded with the familiarity of your home, family, dog or whatever resonates comfort for you. When you exercise for fun, you are there to be in enjoyment of the activity and this is the primary focus. In fact it’s not exercise at all. It is just something you love doing.
  • Fun in exercise fuels long-term desire. Most people say that they have a determination to exercise, but determination is greatly mind-directed. Let’s face it, we can easily get caught up in the “minefield” of our minds. Determination may seem great on the outside, but I feel it bears too much weight on the mind, and not as much on the heart and soul which really are our true driving forces.